Procedures Relative to Foreign Investment Freedom of Establishment Foreign investors are generally subject to the same conditions as German investors and there are no administrative controls specifically for foreign investments in Germany, and no specific key laws or regulatory authorities that govern foreign investment. May 09, 2016 · 5th highest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the world, second in Europe only to Germany [3] Large population allowing for even small markets to be profitable; Diversified economy with both large public and private sectors; Free market; Increasing Foreign Direct Investment [4] Negative. Slow recovery from the 2008/2009 economic recession Russia’s Commission on Control of Foreign Investment (Commission) was established in 2008 to monitor foreign investment in strategic sectors, such as natural resources, energy, transport, communications, defence industry. A law “On Mass Media,” took effect in 2015 which restricts foreign ownership of any Russian media company to 20 percent.